Sphinx Solutions, LLC is among Washington, D.C.’s most advanced cybersecurity firms.

Our Story

Sphinx Solutions, Inc. is among Washington, D.C.’s most advanced cybersecurity firms. Founded as a technical cybersecurity boutique that built cyber defenses for mid-size companies, Sphinx organically evolved into an interdisciplinary company that offers integrated cybersecurity, cyber analytics, and cyber engineering solutions to strategic markets across the U.S. government.
Our markets represent more than our client base. They personify our value system: Mission. Patriotism. Commitment. Excellence. When you support people who do what they do for love of country and global security and peace, how can you do anything except work within yourself to be the best you can be.
This is Sphinx. A company that delivers results. A company characterized by strategic thinking, adaptive solutions, and continuous improvement. And more important, above all else, a company that values people – from its employees and clients to communities and the public trust – as the keystone of success.
Sphinx. Results that matter.

Board of Advisors

Sphinx has assembled a group of seasoned corporate executives to advise senior leadership on corporate strategy, client delivery, and operational effectiveness.

Dean McKendrick

Mr. McKendrick brings more than 35 years of experience managing large-scale technology consulting, integration, design, implementation, and management programs. He is also recognized as a key subject matter expert in Big Data Analytics and Insider Threat solutions. Mr. McKendrick managed a successful IC professional services organization for ManTech International – the Mission, Cyber, and Intelligence Solutions Group (MCIS). He also led an IC consulting services practice at Oracle USA – the National Security Group (NSG). Mr. McKendrick managed the engineering, integration services, and technical support groups for Unisys. Under his leadership, Mr. McKendrick grew the professional services business three-fold.

Dr. Samuel McQuade, Public Intellectual in Cyber Security

Professor McQuade holds a Doctoral Degree in Public Policy from George Mason University, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington. He teaches and conducts research at RIT in areas inclusive of computer crime, security technology administration, and career options in technology-oriented societies. Dr. McQuade also oversees a professional concentration of graduate courses pertaining to Enterprise Security, which are now offered through RIT’s Professional Studies Masters of Science Degree program.


Sphinx partners with large defense contractors by retaining senior-level expertise in cybersecurity, analytics, and engineering. Our goal is to be a boutique services firm whose personnel work on mission-critical initiatives. We support systems integrators to offer technical subject matter across the U.S. government.
Our clients build and lead mission-critical programs that comprise every aspect of the information technology lifecycle, from requirements definition and system build thru advanced solutions in geographic mobility and security-centric data analytics. These are big programs that require commitment people who possess multidisciplinary mindsets. We are referring to those unique people can make sense of abstract ideas and turn them into practical solutions. These people are hard to find; even harder to retain.

Herein lies Sphinx’s value proposition to our clients: we find, retain, and develop the expertise you need for your programs.

the expertise you need for your programs.
Our customers value us because we offer practical ideas and real solutions.

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If you are a cybersecurity professional who wants to help harden our nation’s cyber defenses, and do so by working with a company that embraces a strong set of values, then you find a home!

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